LLA Instruments Configurator

Analytical equipment for sorting machines in recycling

LLA Instruments GmbH manufactures hyperspectral imaging cameras complemented by accessories such as
probe lines, illumination units, calibration equipment and process analytical routines. The products are
suitable for process analytical applications and sorting.

This configurator allows a manufacturer of sorting machines to select the most suitable components for the specific
requirement. Please have the information given below readily available:

  • Average particle size in „mm“ of the sorting material
  • Conveyor belt width in „mm“
  • Conveyor belt speed in „m/s“
  • Requested vertical clearance in „mm“ i.e. the distance between the conveyor belt and illumination unit
  • Optional valve control for pneumatic ejection

In the final step of the configuration process the most suitable setup of the components will be proposed.
The selected configuration as well as your questions or remarks can be sent to LLA for further information.